Sunday, December 4, 2016

Traveling Angel

Love still exists.  Last week, I had the chance to surprise a beautiful, angelic eleven year old girl named Abigail.  Her teacher is a friend of mine, and the students were assigned a project of which they could pick four different topics.  One was to interview someone and do research prior to the interview and prepare questions to ask the person.

Abigail had emailed me back in early October.  I remember receiving it but because I was in the hospital at the time, I had forgot to email her until my friend/her teacher asked if I could help her surprise Abigail as she was moving.  I was so embarrassed that I had forgotten to get in touch with her and hoped I hadn't ruined her project.

A few know but most don't know that I have been very, very sick the past 6 months.  Every day is an hour to hour evaluation of how much I can physically do.  The night I was to meet Abigail, I got sick about two hours prior to when I had to leave.  I was frustrated with myself because this illness has taken so much away from me, and I was determined to not let it ruin a young girl's surprise.  But there was nothing I could do.  I had to let it run its course before I could drive.

I was late getting to the local pizza place where she lived, but the look on her face was absolutely priceless when I turned the corner and she saw me!  I don't think she could have smiled any bigger!  Her eyes, cheeks, smile, and demeanor was glowing!  Her Mom and older sister, Samantha, were with her along with my friend/her teacher and her children.  Seeing Abigail's pure joy was exactly like something you see in the movies or on television.  Her smile made me smile!

I brought my crown and sash from my days as Ms. Wheelchair California as well as a signed headshot.  After introductions, I showed her my crown and she was so in awe.  There was such a pure innocence about her that was truly refreshing.  I handed it to her and she proudly put it on her head!

This is Abigail with my crown on!  She was not ashamed or embarrassed or shy or anything I think I would be if I met someone that I'd been researching, watching video's, reading blogs, and spending time to really get to "virtually" know but had never met ... let's just say she is one confident chick! :)   (Please forgive the deathly look I have on my face!  I was just recovering from an illness attack, remember!)

She reminded me that people are always watching lol, but most importantly, she taught me to boldly go into every situation, any relationship, any project with confidence in who I AM and be the most authentic woman that exudes LOVE.  I'm called to love (Galatians 5:13), and Abigail reminded me of that emphatic and beautiful characteristic because she exudes it brightly.  Go back to the picture and look at that smile and those eyes!!

Abigail, I will never forget you!  (And I still don't have a sweatshirt!  lol)

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