Sunday, February 7, 2016

November to February

February.  The month of love.  I have a love/hate relationship with the month.  The realist in me recognizes that Valentine's Day was created to show respect to Saint Valentine, and then America decided to flourish off of its proclamation to convince others that if you don't celebrate the day with someone you romantically love, then you're pretty much a loser.  Within the last decade, there's been a new movement that has changed it to "Single's Awareness Day," in which one celebrates and appreciates where they are in life - being single.  It's well marketed to boost the economy by selling red roses, teddy bears, chocolates, and cards in order to show that one person that you love them.  I get it.  I get the whole marketing/money ploy.  But the old-fashioned romantic in me wishes for the handwritten valentine and the flowers.  I hate to admit it, but one year, I actually ordered myself flowers and had them delivered to my work.  I had many curious questions as to who sent me such a beautiful arrangement, and my answer was, "Someone very special!"

The older I get and the more jaded confused I become with true love, the more I wonder if it's even a reality.  My uncle has a grand rule in that he doesn't date between November to February.  It relinquishes him from any commitment to "meeting the family" during the holiday's, the gifts, the New Year's celebration, and last but not least, Valentine's Day.

But why is love so complicated.  Why can't the purest of intentions and love that is given be received?  Why can't we learn that each person is loved differently and learn to love that person in the way they receive it?  Why can't love transcend all past hurts and failures?  Isn't love the magic potion that we're all looking for?

I believe that love first starts with yourself.  You have to know how to love yourself and know what you need in order to communicate that to others.  Learn to be alone with yourself and be okay with it.  Embrace the single life with the intention of learning more and more about who you are and who you want to be.  After all, majority of the planet is looking for love in some type of form, and what better way to love someone when you already know who you are!  It gives way to give the love that others need when you already know what you need.

I love deep.  I love fully.  I love hard.  I love unconditionally.  And 9 times out of 10 I get my heart broken because I give so much of myself.  It's who I am.  I don't know how to love any less because I give what I want to receive.  So this Valentine's Day, no matter whether or not I receive a handwritten Valentine or flowers, I'll probably still buy myself flowers because I enjoy them.  I'll do things with or without someone, depending on my mood, and most of all, I'll recognize that I love myself more each day and deserve that love in return.  Love given is love received.

So American marketing ploy or not, love who you are on Valentine's Day... and on every day before and after that.  Love others and love them how you'd like to be loved despite their wrongdoings.  The greatest form of love is forgiveness.  Reach out to a friend or family member and let them know you love them.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so love as if this is your last opportunity to say, "I love you."

And by the way, my uncle will be back on the market in about a week, ladies.  ;)

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