Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fun, Fair, and Fires!

After a year of what seemed to be like the world was against me, 2015 is finally looking up in the most amazing ways!

I celebrated my 15 year Life Anniversary on July 29, 2015 - and it was exactly what I would have wanted to do on this monumental day.  I was surrounded by nature and later that night decided to do a recap of what this past year post injury looked like.  I always want to accomplish more and set higher goals.  Here is the video, in case you're interested.

The fires here in California have been so common it's literally bothering my throat as I inhale ash.  Some days are better than others, and thankfully we got rain last night and today (more like a sprinkle, but I'll take anything!)  Last weekend, I went to the Mariposa County Fair for the first time ever!  I literally felt like I was in a romantic comedy movie.  It was everything you'd think a small town fair would be - and more!  It was also fun to go with someone very special to me as well as an opportunity to practice photography!


It has definitely been an odd year and seeing California literally burn up in flames.  It is so, so dry here, and every tree branch looks like a fire waiting to happen.  Fall/Autumn just kind of happened, but more so out of the drought than anything.  There's a constant haze in the air of smoke.  By looking out the window, I'd imagine it is what Seattle is like if you were to live there every day - not seeing the sun.  I need sun!  

I did get some good sun down while visiting friends in SoCal a few weeks ago.  It was hot, but well welcomed with an ocean breeze!  Jennifer is one of the best women I have ever met, and I'm proud and thankful to call her a dear friend and confidant.  If you're going to be going to Disneyland/California Adventure anytime this year, please be sure to go and see "Aladdin" California Adventure.  Jennifer has been a part of the show since it's beginning a little over ten years ago, and the show will officially be closing its doors in January.  It is a MUST see!  Here are a few pictures of us having fun in SoCal... and the beautiful Union Station in Los Angeles!

 That about wraps up the past couple of months in a short snapshot.  A lot of great things happening for me in my life, and I'm so grateful to be on a path of true freedom.

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