Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014, and Hello Life!

I was challenged last week to write a list of "What I Want In Life" rather than just "What I Want in a Husband." I just finished it, and it was probably one of the best things I've ever done for myself. 

It made me focus on life as a whole, not just a man/husband. It helped me focus on me and not feel codependent. It took the power away from the feeling of "needing a man" to complete my life to empowering me to choose what I want my life to be and embrace more opportunities - starting now.

I'm proud of not just who I am, but that I want to strive to continue to be a better person. I've accomplished so much, had many dreams come true, and yet I still find that there are things I have yet to do. How can that be? I've been so blessed already. 

I have a feeling that 2014 will be a year where all things come together and that I actually find my purpose and place in this world, become a solid rock, and acquire those things which may seem out of reach right now but are, in reality, certainly within my grasp. And with that, hopefully a few more things will be checked off the bucket list, too.  

I want to be a Light for this world and a Light for myself, appreciating each day, and not worry about tomorrow or those things I cannot control. Peace within my heart, love towards myself and others, and lavish joy that flows freely from my soul.  That's what 2014 will be for me.  I hope you find all that you want in life, too, not just one thing in particular (even if it is your hearts desire.)


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