Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybe A Bright Ending?

It seems as if the end of 2012 wants to be nice to me.  Imagine that.

My shoulder surgery (AC Joint Excision) actually wasn't too terribly bad.  I will admit that the first night and next day was some of the worst pain I've ever felt.  I was literally helpless without the use of my arms - especially my dominant right arm - and I was grateful for a friend who stayed the night (as was required by the doctor) because otherwise I would have been in even worse shape.  Because of my lack of mobility for the first day, I decided to go to the ER so I could be admitted into the hospital so that nurses could take care of me with the medical needs that SCI incurs.  I met my 100% coverage back in July, so why not!  LOL!

I was surprised that after a week, I was literally back to doing 85% of everything I could before surgery.  I was pushing myself, transferring, driving, lifting my wheelchair into the car, etc.  I am now currently 3.5 weeks post surgery, and I'd say I'm 95% better.  It's still uncomfortable to lay on my right shoulder at night, but other than that, I only feel a twinge of pain every now and then.  I'm SO glad I decided to do the surgery.  Very much worth the pain for the first couple days.

I'm excited to spend the weekend at my favorite place on earth - Yosemite National Park!!  I was asked by a former boss when working in Yosemite and now good friend to accompany him to the Bracebridge Dinner.  This is a long lived tradition in Yosemite, starting in 1927 by Ansel Adams.  The Grand Dining Room is transformed into a mid-century castle with a pageantry of actors and actresses alike entertaining you while you eat.  I feel so lucky to have been invited!  I've only been to Yosemite in the winter once before, and it was when I was in January 2000 when I was walking.  This will be my first experience back to the park in the winter time since being paralyzed.  I'm a bit nervous about f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g my legs and toes off, and getting around the park, but I'm ready for the adventure.  I'm excited about taking pictures, throwing a snowball, and guess what.... I'm staying at the Ahwahnee!!  I don't think I'd ever be experience this in my lifetime!!  I'm so excited!  This will probably be the highlight of my entire 2012.  I get to have a White Christmas, be in my favorite place on earth, stay at a 5 star hotel, and get a gussied up for a fancy, 4 hour long, 7 course meal production.  The Bracebridge Dinner used to be on a lottery system because of its popularity back when I worked in the park.  Basically, you put your name in almost a year in advance and hoped your name got pulled to attend.  The tickets per person are $425!  And staying at the Ahwahnee alone will set you back a pretty penny as well.  Gosh, I feel like a princess already.

So, even though 2012 may have been the worst year EVER in my life, I'm hoping the end of it will finish on a high note.  Please just pray that nothing bad happens while I'm away!  :)  I look forward to the entire experience and will post when I return.  Merry Christmas!

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