Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday's: Past and Present

Birthday's are so much fun to me as you can tell from my very first birthday party! Anyone who knows me knows that the celebration starts 30 days prior to my actual birthday and lasts until about a week or so afterwards.  Ha!  I even celebrate my "half birthday" (6 months after your real birthday).  My friends and I started celebrating our half birthday's our freshman year in college - and we got "half" stuff.  For example, one year I really wanted an eye mask to sleep with.  Instead?  I got a pirate's eye patch!  Ha ha ha!  We'd get each other half a card, half a cake... you get the idea.  It was super fun and we still wish each other "Happy Half Birthday" to this day - umpteen years later!

I love hearing my mom and dad tell me the story of my birth every year.  I'm sure mom gets sick of telling it (and I practically know it by heart now), but I love hearing her tell me what she was doing the night before she gave birth to me.  Each year, I manage to ask a question I didn't previously know the answer to in order to trigger her memory more.  But hearing her tell me of those moments is a beautiful thing to me.

My family knows that birthday's are HUGE to me.  After all, I wouldn't be who I am had people not been born to influence and guide me!  (And visa versa.)  I go all out for other people's birthday's and don't expect anything less for my own.  My parents will tell you stories of me planning my own birthday parties at a very young age!

Here's just a smattering of some special birthday times this year!

How sweet is it that my mom set her alarm to send me a text early in the morning to wish me "Happy Birthday" with a three hour time difference between us?

And Dad gets the countdown and joins in, too!  :)

Japanese Hibachi!

 aka "Japanese Scarlett O'Hara"

Baseball Game with my brother!

 Gorgeous flowers sent to me from my parents!

 Happy Birthday Cake, and I got serenaded by one of my best friends, too!

Yup, two of us ate half the cake!  Haha!

 A super amazing theater with leather reclining seats and waiters that come and take your dinner order!

So spectacular!  We acted like teenagers playing with the automatic reclining seats!

Dinner and a movie - literally!  (We saw "The Lucky One")

Dinner with good friends at a local place - super fun!  Beach breezes are the best.

 Great atmosphere!

 Yummy dessert with another candle to make another wish!  I love making wishes!

See's Candy?  Yes please!

Some friends have interesting choices of birthday cards!

New reading material!  (Opposite sides of the spectrum for sure!)

Though birthday's are getting less nostalgic the older I get, I never want to lose that kid in me that gets all giddy at the thought of a party, cards, balloons, and singing.  Most importantly, I've traded the excitement of gifts for the that of meaningful friendships.  I'm thankful for friends who love me and helped celebrate the day of my birth with me.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a "Happy Birthday" and/or helped me enjoy my day!  Each of you mean so much to me!  Here's to an amazing year ahead ... and a few more get togethers of celebrating!  :)