Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stolen Moments

I love the title of this blog. The phrase was used on Friday by someone very close to my heart. The phrase makes me happy, because I can't think of any reason why the concept would be bad. Usually the word "stolen" refers to something wrong or illegal. But in the phrase "stolen moments," it simply makes me smile.

Since Friday (which isn't that long ago - a day!), I've tried to saturate in stolen moments that come my way. And I've found that they come at the most spontaneous, unexpected times. Yesterday, I had a stolen moment that made me reflect on God's timing while texting with someone across the country. This morning while sitting on my porch, soaking in some sunshine while newly budding flowers surrounded me, I was reminded of the blessings I have in my life. A stolen moment. Another stolen moment occurred while I engaged my mind in a deep, intellectual conversation with someone this afternoon. And again this evening, another stolen moment happened while at the Apple Store.

The Apple Store is an interesting place. One day, I think I might just sit outside on a bench simply to people watch. Upon entering, it's typically pure chaos. Teenagers checking their email, adults trying to wheel and deal, parents entertaining their kids with the lower level computers, and store techs trying to control what a foreigner might see as a "one time only sale." But, there aren't sales at this store. The reason for my visit tonight was to head to the "Genius Bar" (I mean, really. Who isn't led to believe that these people know everything, simply because they are called "geniuses"? I do. LOL!) Well, who knew that geniuses are gorgeous, too?!

Meet Casey Pahl. She was my genius for the evening. :)

After helping me with my "you have too many photos" issue that was clogging up my hard drive (do they have support groups for this?), I suddenly noticed a beauty that enveloped her skin. Now, if you were just to meet her in person, you'd already find her to be beautiful - eyelashes that extend for miles, a cute smile, an edginess to her, long rolling locks of brown hair, and hey, don't forget that she's a genius! She's someone you'd want to grab coffee with and chat to for hours because she has an intriguing look about her. But while she was writing down directions for me to do at home (because it would take too long to do at the store), I suddenly noted the artwork around her wrist. Upon seeing it, I immediately thought of the "Twilight" series for some reason. What my eyes were seeing was beautiful, unique, and nostalgic. It seemed as if she was from some other dimension that left me speechless. Lace was surrounding her skin, yet it wasn't noticeable unless you really looked. Out of curiosity, I cautiously asked, "Are those tattoos?" to which I found her eyes light up and reply, "Yes."

She explained to me that she hadn't seen it before on anyone but when she went into the tattoo parlor, she requested if they could do the design in white rather than black. Um, GENIUS! I think it is such a gorgeous concept. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a few years now, but the "saggy old 80 year old with a shriveled up tattoo" just doesn't appeal to me. And, I don't want it to be something that catches people's attention. It's for me, not a conversation piece. So the concept of doing it like this made my mind spin quickly! A stolen moment, for sure. (Click on the picture to see it in a bigger frame.) The picture itself if captivating, but to see the work in person is even more beautiful.

I'm going to start using this phrase in my head more often in order to enjoy moments that I'm given in life as a way to embrace, love, and cherish different parts of the day. Who knows, it may turn into a stolen weekend one day! Here's to the one who offered this phrase to me via text on Friday. I love you and hope for many stolen moments in 2011.

(Photo by Wendy Porter-Francis)