Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

I know with 1000% of my being that I was wearing my seat belt during the time of my car accident almost 10 years ago on July 29th around 7am in the morning in southern Nevada. I'm tired of people trying to presume I wasn't and convince others that the reason I'm now paralyzed was because I wasn't wearing it.


I am a Christian, I've been sworn under oath, and I know with all my spirit and mind that I have always, will always, and was wearing my seat belt on July 29, 2000. I vividly remember it touching my chest, so to not believe my statement is completely invalid.

Do not try to persuade others that I was not wearing my seat belt 10 years ago. I was. I still do. And I will always wear my seat belt. The 1986 528e BMW car I was a passenger in was defective, and IT is what caused my disablity as I was ejected out of the car, not the seat belt. Again, I was wearing my seat belt. End of discussion.




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