Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End to the Beginning - Tournament of Roses Parade

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 has been fantastic for me and afforded many amazing opportunities. I will not be able to post later today or tomorrow, because I will be in the Tournament of Roses Parade on national television on New Year's Day! What a way to bring in 2010!!!

I have posted pictures on my Ms. Wheelchair California website as well as a blog about what yesterday's activities entailed. We are float number 85 of 91, so be sure to watch for us waving to you! I have had such a fantastic time so far. What a great way to end 2009 and bring in 2010!

You can check out the pictures at

I wish you all a blessed New Year as you follow God's will, plan, and purpose for your life. Many blessings to everyone!