Monday, October 19, 2009

The Waiting Room

If you've ever been in a waiting room, you know that you have the opportunity to observe people's lives in such a different way than one would normally have access to. Some of the most intimate things are revealed to people that you probably would normally not hear or know while waiting for someone.

I've been in a few waiting rooms in my life. Most recently, I was in an Emergency Room waiting room in Memphis, TN for an incident that happened late September this year.

Here is a poem about what I observed, heard, and saw while waiting.


The Waiting Room

Two lives. Intermingled yet separate.
One is carefree and ready, the other is bound by barbed wire.

Two chairs. At the same table, but only one can be sat in.
One is brown, the other red.

Two dates. One sooner, one later.
One chose the earlier date because the other was too long to wait.

Two airline tickets. Same destination, different departure.
One made it on the airplane, the other only made it to the airport.

Two feelings. One is excited, the other is upset.
One knows this because of the detailed information the Delta representative told her.

Two nights. Time to be spent together.
Instead, it was spent alone. Alone.

Two ways of getting in touch. A gesture of respect at least.
Neither were used as of yet.

Two people. One city was the plan.
Instead, two cities, still apart.

Two lives. Undeniable attraction. Yet somehow, denied.

"Why make it to the airport and not get on the airplane?" one questioned.

"Why book another flight and not take it?" another asked.

"I waited in the room for you," one said. "For hours into the night. And yet I still wait for that date, that ticket, those feelings, those nights, and that city to take place and be rescheduled in the near future. I hope you reconsider what could be. I hope you'll reconsider taking the next step."

"I want you in my life. Don't leave me."


The things you observe in a Waiting Room...


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