Monday, June 16, 2008

Life Without Forgiveness

There's been many times in my life where I've had to offer forgiveness to people. The old cliche is to "forgive and forget," but sometimes it's harder to forget than to actually forgive. I think forgetting comes with time. Some of the pain and damage that someone has caused me requires time to work through what I'm feeling in order to truly release it from memory. The moment when you realize that it doesn't have a stronghold over your life, however, is one of the best moments. At that point, you realize that you've been growing!

This weekend, however, I had to ask for forgiveness from two seperate people in my life. That, friends, is hard. It requires a fair amount of humility for me to admit that I'm wrong or that I've hurt someone. I grew up thinking I had to be perfect in everything I did. If I got an "A" in school, I was upset it wasn't an "A+". If I made second in a track meet while running the 100 meter hurdles, I should have tried harder to win first. Even if it was a personal best moment. Didn't matter. So, for me to admit that I once again messed up was hard for me.

Coming to the point of realizing we're powerless to control our lives on our own is actually a freeing concept. We need someone bigger than us to help sort it all out. God is the only answer for me. Can you imagine life without forgiveness? We'd be a very hateful and corrupted world. I'm thankful that He offers me a supernatural forgiveness every day for the things I do wrong, because only He has the power to forgive and forget! Praise the Lord! May we learn to be more like Him in all we do.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another One In!

Great things happened this weekend! First, on Thursday night, I was able to lead my roommate to the Lord! Praise God! Then today, I watched my boyfriend get baptized! God's moving in a good way, and I'm so honored to be used by Him to help bring more people into a relationship with Him. Praise God for faithfulness, grace, and provision!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Amazing Weekend!

Wow, what an amazing weekend I just experienced! Thank you so much for your prayers!

I had the blessed privelage to give two of our wheelchairs away immediately to people who's family members in Mexico had no other way to get around than with one (and they didn't have one nor could they afford it). When I told them they could have one for free, they broke out and tears and thankfulness to God for this blessing - which of course made me cry knowing that I helped them with something so meaningful.

Church was unbelieveable as well. I am so utterly thankful to the pastor for giving up his pulpit this past Sunday to me and trusting someone he didn't know nor had ever heard speak before. Afterwards, though, he said, "I don't know who told you you couldn't preach, because girl... you can preach!" I haven't yet been able to think of the words of how I feel, because I'm still in shock to have had so much reassurance and affirmation poured into me on Sunday after speaking. So many members - SO MANY - came up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes and looked at me with such respect saying how much my words changed their life. They believed in the words I spoke, Tonya! The pastor said I changed their church, but I think they changed me even more!

I continue to stand in awe at what the Lord has done. He HAS, IS, and will continue to DO great things!